Navtrain International was established by entrepeneurs and former naval officers of the Royal Netherlands Navy (RNLN).

We are specialised in training maritime organisations where our first concern is sail safety and operational safety in its broadest sense.  Amongst other things, most of our consultants and trainers have been involved in several tranfers of RNLN ships to various foreign countries. Not only are our people experienced in training foreign crews but also in the transfer of knowledge, operational concepts and "train the trainer" concepts.


Kees  Kuenen
Kees Kuenen

Kees is the CEO of NAVTRAIN and involved in every training of NAVTRAIN



Our team consists of naval specialists who have earned their reputation during many years of active duty within the Royal Netherlands Navy. Every individual has extensive experience in training crews and working up ships to the level of "operational readiness". In our team you'll find the same diversity as in your own organisation from petty officers to commanding officers. As such we can adapt to any level of support your organisation requires.




Navtrain International works closely together with Special Operations Training & Advice (SOT&A). SOT&A specialises in training and advice for special forces and security orgnisations in special operations and counter terrorism.

Navtrain International recently established a joint venture company in Abu Dhabi with our local partner Emirates Zone: Navtrain Middle East LLC. With this local hub we intent to boost our busines activities in the Middle East.


Our training courses focus on the safe operation of naval vessels and to optimise the professionalism of their crews.

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Our consultancy package covers a total package varying from operational training to fleet management and support in acquisition trajectories.

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For particular questions or just for general inquiries please go to the contact page where you can state your request and we will get back to you ASAP.

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