Typical customers the consultancy branch of Navtrain International serves are:

  1. Fleet operations (end user)
  2. Planning & Acquisition (end user)
  3. Training Centres (end user)
  4. Industry

1. Fleet operations

Navtrain consultancy for fleet operations is aimed at the following main subjects:

Kees  Kuenen
Kees Kuenen

  • Training Need Analysis (TNA): Apart from the ready available courses Navtrain can compose tailor made training plans. These plans start with a TNA. Depending on the size of the organisation and customer requirements the TNA makes explicit the the minimum required training, the optimal training programme and the effort for the organisation
  • Organisation analysis (OA): In this constantly changing world where more different missions are requested from maritime organisations, Navtrain can help in realising an optimal organisation, where assets and resources have to adapt to the required missions
  • Setting up training facilities: The optimal readiness of crews is best achieved when organic training facilities are available. Because of its' wide experience in the defence industrial complex Navtrain is ideally suited to advise any customer in the set up and acquisition of training facilities and the set up and support of the training organisation


2. Planning and acquisition

For new acquisition programmes of vessels but also naval/maritime air assets, Navtrain consultants have vast experience in acquisition processes, varying from the set up of requirements to the analysis of proposals and contracts.

In addition Navtrain can assist in long term planning processes in order for customers to arrive at a balanced acquisition programme given available budgets


3. Training Centres

Navtrain International is well suited to advise the training centre management on issues regarding higher level training requirements and fleet operational readiness.


4. Industry

The vast experience of Navtrains' consultants in defence and maritime industry, enables us to be a well trusted partner for industry in supporting them on various subjects such, as: 

  • Setting up familiarisation training
  • Acquisition projects
  • Portfolio strategy

Our training courses focus on the safe operation of naval vessels and to optimise the professionalism of their crews.

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Our consultancy package covers a total package varying from operational training to fleet management and support in acquisition trajectories.

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